Glory Islands

Ein Spiel von Arve D. Fühler. Illustriert von Harald Lieske. Erschienen 2022 bei Rio Grande Games. Für 2–4 Personen ab 14 Jahre. Spieldauer ca. 30–45 Minuten.

A very unique game of hand management, time management, set collection, and area control. Fuhler with this, El Gaucho, and Monasterium is becoming a designer I trust.

Frogmind, United States (on BGG)

The year is 1660. On the island of Tortuga, a haven for Caribbean rogues, the pirates from the ships in port are boasting about their skills. It seems that no one can agree on which ship is the fastest, which crew is the most skilled, and which captain is the most feared.

As the quarrel gets louder and louder, one pirate finally makes himself heard above the rest: “I propose a contest! The captain and crew who win shall be proclaimed the best pirate ship in the Caribbean!”

Before long, the crews are ready, the wind is right, and the sails are unfurled. The contest starts with the legendary shout, “To the Glory Islands!”

Glory Islands features easy-to-learn rules and fast, simple turns!

You must outwit your opponents to claim fame and fortune. It has two different game boards and also includes a mini-expansion in the main game box.

Glory Islands is played over a series of rounds in which players simultaneously play sailing cards from their hands. The card values define the turn order, how far ships can move on the board, and where a player’s pirates may be placed on the board. Depending on where they are placed, pirates may receive glory, treasure tokens, or barrels. The cards may also provide bonus actions that players can use to gain an advantage over their opponents. When pirates occupy all of the spaces on an island, the player with the most pirates on that island will gain the most glory.

The game is over when one or more pirate ships have completed the route around the islands. The player with the most glory is crowned the ”King of the Pirates”!

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